Chinnor Community Church, High Street, Chinnor, OX39 4DH

Cookies and Community

Kenn handing out cookies and postcards
What a great way to get to meet people in the heart of our community. CCC had a stall at the inaugural Chinnor Food & Drink Festival this year. The idea to get amongst the people of our community and to promote our new website (there’s not much point in putting our site together if no one knows about it!).

To join in with the foodie spirit of the day, we were giving away Oaty Apple Cookies, a recipe perfected by Gisela and then baked by a small team of dedicated chefs. Along with the cookies we handed out a postcard promoting and also containing the cookie recipe.

Despite the weather, there was still a steady stream of visitors, hardy enough to brave the elements. In all we served around 400 cookies and handed out approximately 300 postcards.

If you want to know more; take a look about why we were taking part here.

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