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Hearing God’s Voice

Hearing God's Word

“How can I hear (and know) the voice of the Lord better?”

God’s voice most often comes as an echo, a repetition of what He has said in His word. In other words, a prophecy (or any other ‘spiritual’ word) will be triggered to our understanding by a scriptural reference; a verse, a story from the Bible will suddenly (i.e. unexpectedly) pop into our mind along with a sense of what that passage means for the current need or situation.

One of the main reasons believers think they do not hear the voice of the Lord is because they have very little of the scriptures in their heart or mind. Picture, if you will, the contrast between an orchestral xylophone with 44 hardwood bars and an infant’s toy xylophone with 4 metal bars: one resonates with multiple notes; the other produces but a few clanky sounds.

The more Bible in our heart, the more God’s voice resonates within us. Reading and meditating on God’s word, as a regular and frequent activity in our lives, will greatly increase our ability to detect His whisper to our soul. Not only will we be better attuned to the tone of His voice (i.e. its kindness and affection) as a result of reading the Bible, but we will also be better versed in the vocabulary of revelation.

Becoming increasingly familiar with God’s written word is the simplest way to increase our ability to discern His words and quickenings for life and ministry.

Pastor Kenn

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