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Couch Potato – Pew Potato

couch potato - pew potato

There is I was laughing recently at an advert on T.V. where a bear lies on the couch watching a program. He describes himself as a Sofa-bear. I decided to see what the Oxford dictionary had to say about this and was delighted to see the entry for a couch Potato.

Couch potato! (a person who spends a lot of time sitting and watching television – Oxford Dictionary)

Then I realised that we have a similar syndrome within the church at large. The problem can be summed up in a new word – Pew Potato

A pew potato is a Christian who makes their way into the church at every available opportunity to sit and watch what’s going on while snacking on their religion. Now, let’s be frank here, probably all of us have played the part of a pew potato at some point in our lives. And like the couch potato we are disinclined to Christian activity or exertion.

For many Christianity is a spectator sport. They come and watch what’s going on and never involve themselves in the working of the kingdom

Let’s face it, it’s hard to put ourselves at bay and serve others. Especially when we’re talking about working in the crèche, or teaching a Sunday morning class, or welcoming at the door, or filling communion cups or any of the other jobs that need doing. And like the couch potato suffering from ill health, the body of Christ suffers and becomes ill when we allow ourselves to become pew potatoes

I will serve God by serving others and be happy about it no matter what God asks me to do. How about you?
John Wesley said: “Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as you can.”

Don’t be a Pew-Potato.

Pastor Kenn

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