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The fullness of your destiny

When the devil tempted Jesus in the wilderness, He resisted by quoting Scripture, saying, “It is written…” (See Matthew 4:1-11). Jesus used the authority and the truth of His Father’s word to turn back the half-truths and lies of the “father of lies.”

Even though His Father gave all authority to Jesus, He still chose to rely solely on the word of God to turn away temptation. It is interesting that the One who is the Word of God made use of the word of God to overcome evil.

God’s word is the everlasting truth upon which Creation is based (Psalm 119:160; John 17:17), and every one of His words is like an already-tested shield that protects us from any evil launched at us like a volley of arrows (Proverbs 30:5). In the face of afflictions, difficulties and fears that confront us on our journey of faith, we can speak the truth of God’s word, and confess its reality over and above the natural reality we see. We resist the devil by entrusting ourselves to God, realising that many righteous people suffer along with us (1 Peter 5:9). The bottom line is that the devil tries to convince us that God will not or cannot take care of us. Making the choice to keep believing in God’s rescue is one of the most powerful weapons in our spiritual arsenal.

As we move through this New Year, hold fast to the voice of truth and live in the fullness of your destiny – you are an overcomer in Christ.

Pastor Kenn

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