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Coffee Pot – April dispatches

After the usual chat over coffee and a biscuit it was off on the morning’s Pointless meeting. Jacqui was managing the Pointless designed questions and answers, based on a TV programme of the same name. With so many “pairs” she was unable to eliminate the ones with the lowest scores, so the marking was based on the minimum score at the end of the morning. This proved more difficult than initially thought due to some of the unusual answers that were suggested. The way Jacqui’s Pointless works is based on the roll of a many faceted dice with letters on each face. This letter became the basis of each game, so we started off with the letter ‘J’. The first J was to be a country; Jerusalem gained maximum marks as it is a city but Java did quite well. Mind you, Jerusalem came in useful when a vegetable had to be named. Jerusalem followed by Artichoke proved to be a popular answer, but not pointless. A Pointless sports equipment answer starting with ‘J’ was ‘jerseys’ as in football. The next letter was ‘B’ and Pointless answers here included Borneo, Butterscotch and Barge, although the latter word was disputed but a zero score was eventually given. A couple of other words were disputed and were either disqualified or given maximum marks. Jacqui managed to control the group very well, even amongst some wonderful discussion that transpired.

Jacqui finished the morning by reminding us that Jesus was NOT pointless, especially in these difficult times, because He was always there, never changing but never leaving us or forsaking us. He could be a life changing force for those that chose to follow him.

The following meeting engaged us with a Musical Morning. After the usual activities, a musical presentation followed. We were entertained by Chris, plus six of his guitars, an amplifier and microphone [or two], a sound box plus Ken who seemed to know how all the slides and twiddley bits worked; also an assortment of cables. There were two Fender guitars and a Classical guitar plus the other three that also had their own history. Chris played, sang and gave us various demonstrations of his abilities and skills.

Part of an original group of six, four of them [including Gloria, Chris’s wife] went on to play at many gigs, including a couple of gigs at the Thame Show, winning an award at one of the shows. As a Christian group, they were involved in the ‘One Way Jesus’ evangelical outreach of a few years ago [quite a few! You can tell by the length of Chris’s hair shown in some of the photographs. Ed] Chris tells a story of the posters that had a large arrow pointing upward followed by the words ‘One Way Jesus’. Positioned around Thame, car drivers only had time to see the arrow. This resulted in a traffic flow problem in Thame, so, after intervention from the authorities, the posters were removed, thus restoring normal traffic flow.

One member of the CCCCP was coerced into being involved in ‘My Old Mans A Dustman’, but apart from that we were enlightened by the Christian journey in life of Chris [and Gloria]. Songs and music revealed a long life given over to following of Jesus Christ,

An experience that he shared with us all. A most interesting and enjoyable morning.

Peter Brown

Our next CCC Coffee Pot meetings are on the 7th and 21st April in the Chilton Room at the Village Centre, starting at 10.30am.

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