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Coffee Pot – May dispatches

After the usual chat over coffee and a biscuit it was time to start the mornings meeting. Val had been suffering pain recently, but she managed to drag herself to Coffee Pot as she wanted us to suffer with her, in a 40 question quiz. 40 questions, good grief! Mind you, she was clever with it. She had two sets of twenty questions prepared. When we had just about lasted through twenty questions, she presented us with a further twenty questions. “Please turn over your answer sheet. Surprise, surprise!” The questions were relatively easy and brought a lot of fun and happiness. What do the letters MASH stand for? After having to amplify the question by saying that it was a TV programme, we were well under way. Master Aircraft Servicing Helpteam had the right initials but was completely incorrect, as was Medical Auxiliary Spares Hospital. Well, it did get one point for getting the word Hospital correct, so I suppose one out of four is better than nil out of four, but only marginally. Our expert in answering questions had been selected for a special position in the meeting, helping two unfortunates with the answers. Margaret answered Mobile Army Surgical Hospital thus was well on her way for receiving a special award at the meetings end. Her special award will be going to Sweden when she visits her daughter later this year. Some of the morning’s answers included ‘Sir John Thingy’; ‘Francis – she has a double barrelled name and is in Rising Damp with Nigel Rossiter or is it Leonard?’ [Nil points]. Ian McShane and Cpl. Jones got a mention, as did K9 and Lady Penelope so you can imagine the questions that Val asked, thus she gave us a real treat during the morning.

The epilogue was based on Isaiah 55 v6 that says, “Seek the LORD while he may be found; call on him while he is near.”

The Queen’s Birthday Coffee Pot

The morning started on the wrong foot but only got better, so let’s start with the Epilogue. This excellent epilogue was given by Pam and was based on the book “The Servant Queen.” This is a book well worth reading and it is free, if you can get a copy. Pam outlined the Queen’s life based on her walk with God throughout her life. It was our Queen that gave her father the poem, “The Man at the Gate of the Year” that King George VI used in his Christmas Day Broadcast in the dark year of 1939. The Queen vowed to serve the country and her peoples many years ago. The Bible in Micah 6 v8 says: “He has showed you, O man, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.”

That verse does not just apply to the Queen but to us also as God’s creation. So thanks Pam, for reminding us of that verse.

The morning quiz, though, was not so good. Kathleen and Derek won the Union Flags for the highest marks. How they managed that after some of the questions, goodness only knows. It started off with a question that was sneaky and caused a lot of problems for the quizzer. “What day was the Queen born on?

Every one present said the correct date for her birthday, namely 21 April 1926, only to be told that they were all wrong. What he wanted was the day, which was a Wednesday, not the date. We were up in arms about that one. It got worse. His marking was rubbish. The correct answer was marked correct for one couple and wrong for another. Ructions occurred all around and the noise was almost deafening. We understand that he is now going to be reported to the RSPCA for having little understanding that Corgis were dogs of Welsh* origin, and even then there were two types. They were NOT toy cars. What next! Well, some of the questions were interesting and caused comment, but he next got the date of the Queen’s Coronation wrong, insisting that as the King died in February, 1951 the Coronation must have been June 1952. Against almost all odds, he insisted that he was correct, until he was shown page 19 of the book “The Servant Queen.” There, in black and white, it gave the date of the Coronation as 2 June 1953. How many times did the quiz master have to apologise during the morning. At least five! Is he coming to our meeting again?

The only way to find that out is to join us on the dates advertised in the Village Centre.

Peter Brown

*Chris, our Welsh Corgi expert pointed out the Welsh ‘Corgi’ (Welsh for “dwarf dog”) is a small type of herding dog that originated in Wales. Two separate breeds are recognized: the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. Once again our quiz master was put in his place, so thanks for that information, Chris.

CCC Coffee Pot dates for May are the 5th and 19th. Join us for our Christian Aid Lunch on the 19th during Christian Aid Week 15th to 21st May.

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