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Samaritans Purse June

Operation Christmas Child - Good News, Great Joy

Did any of you see the Tonight programme on TV the other week? It was discussing the effect the refugee crisis was having on the children, and went to several of the “camps” housing these needy people. As the cameras went around several Samaritan’s Purse tents were clearly visible, and it reminded me that although we concentrate on the Operation Christmas Child side of their work they are also greatly involved in many other areas of help. They are very often one of the first relief organisations to arrive where there is a disaster or need of any kind, and are permanently working to supply clean water, medical assistance, schooling and so much more on a permanent basis in many countries. Please remember our brothers and sisters who are serving the Lord in this very practical way but at the same time introducing folk to a Saviour who can bring hope into their lives in a way they never thought possible.

Our collection in June will be for paper items, things like small notebooks, small colouring or puzzle books, paper tissues and sheets of stickers.

Can I just clear one issue up. We can NEVER have too much of ANYTHING. After we fill our shoeboxes at CCC any spare items are taken to the warehouse where they are used as fillers there or sometimes to completely fill more boxes. Anyone who has been to the Thame/Long Crendon warehouse knows that we always run out of items of all sorts. At the end of the campaign anything that is remaining, where possible, is put in the large cartons and sent for use in the schools or to give to children who haven’t had a shoebox that year. Nothing is ever wasted and everything is greatly appreciated.

Again, thank you for all your generosity and God bless you all,


Pam Dunn

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