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Speak well of His Son

It was a cold, windy night in Scotland, when two Christian youths headed toward the tavern district in Glasgow. The two young men began singing hymns to gather a crowd. Their singing was tolerated, but whenever they stopped singing to share the message of Jesus Christ, they were mocked with vulgar words and jeering by the crowd.

The young men were quite sincere about sharing their faith and the Gospel message with the drunks along tavern row. Yet, the crowd was determined not to let them talk. Finally, one of the young men – Frederick Arnot – with tears running down his face, acknowledged defeat. He and his friend turned to leave. Suddenly, someone grabbed the Arnot’s shoulder. Startled, Arnot turned to find a tall, elderly man towering over him. The stranger smiled and quietly said, “Keep at it, laddie; God loves to hear men speak well of His Son.” With that encouragement, the two Scottish lads squared their shoulders and returned. It wasn’t long before the rowdy crowd began to pay attention to the message the young men wanted to share.

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In 1881, several years after this incident, Arnot, influenced by the example set by David Livingstone, left his home and headed for Central Africa, where God used him in a great way to proclaim the Gospel. God loves to hear men and women speak well of His Son. Yet, how easy it is for us to become silent, ineffective ambassadors for Christ, due to discouragement, lack of results or some other excuse.

In an honest and challenging article entitled “Excuses,” seminary professor Norman L. Geisler admitted that even though he was in full-time Christian ministry for eighteen years, he never witnessed for Christ. He used excuses such as: “I don’t have the gift of evangelism,” “I am a teacher of the Word, not a preacher,” “Friendship evangelism is more effective than personal evangelism,” and “Since God is sovereign, those whom He wants to save will be, whether I witness or not.”
One day, a visiting speaker demolished Geisler’s excuses by saying: “I’ve been a missionary for years and I was never called. I was just commanded like the rest of you.” That statement startled Geisler, and he became a fisher of men.

The Bible says, “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation” (Mark 16:15). This wasn’t a suggestion, but a command. God loves to hear you speak well of His Son. Witnessing for Jesus not only provides A FRESH START for others, but also strengthens your faith, as well.

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