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Tearfund May Update


Yasmin and the ants-Tearfund’s new campaign

Six-year-old Yasmin is at the forefront of our new campaign. She lives in a parched, isolated part of Chad in central Africa, where it feels like hunger is king. Her mum digs through ants’ nests for seeds to feed the children – it’s that bad. But hunger is not king, and we’re committed to making that truth a tangible reality for families like Yasmin’s.

  • Lift up children like Yasmin and families like hers, that they will know God’s hope and comfort today, and his fullness of life very soon.
  • Pray for Tearfund’s new campaign to raise awareness and support for people in greatest need around the world.
  • Global hunger can seem like an insurmountable injustice, but we trust in a God who is even more powerful. Pray for change – that extreme hunger will soon become a thing of the past.

For more on Yasmin and our new campaign, take a look at

How were helping Rose after her militia ordeal

When a militia force arrived in her Central African Republic (CAR) village, the life of 70-year-old Rose* changed forever.

Despite her age and vulnerability, the armed men who took control didn’t spare Rose and her family from their malevolent intent. After two days of being trapped in her home, Rose was subjected to a brutal beating. The shock of the attack led to her daughter dying of a heart attack. The militia stripped the villagers of their possessions, even down to the tools, seeds and livestock they needed to survive as subsistence farmers. What little money Rose managed to keep from the raiders’ clutches, wasn’t enough to restart the growing of cassava, groundnuts and maize. Hunger soon set in, quickly followed by malnutrition.

Tearfund has been working to help the people of the CAR since inter-communal conflict erupted there in 2013. We’re particularly helping people like Rose rebuild their means to survive by providing tools, vegetable seeds and training to ensure they are correctly used. This help has enabled Rose to not only feed her family, but also to sell the surplus to boost the family’s income. This in turn means they can afford medicines and soap, which go a long way to protecting the health of the family.

  • Give thanks that Tearfund is able to provide hope of a better future to people like Rose.
  • Thank God for the recent peaceful elections in CAR, but continue to pray for peace in the country, where 368,000 people have been forced from their homes by violence since 2013.

Pa Alpha’s message of thanks

The generosity of Tearfund supporters is making a big, life-enhancing difference to people recovering from the Ebola outbreak like Alpha Kallon. The 71-year-old from Liberia lives on a street where there were 48 cases of the disease and an 80 per cent death rate.

Alpha, known locally as Pa Alpha, lost his wife and three sons to Ebola, and underwent treatment himself. He emerged broken-hearted and unsure how he could continue his livelihood as a rice grower. Tearfund has been supporting partners in Liberia and neighbouring Sierra Leone to help people like Alpha get back on their feet after such awful times. Your support enabled our partner Nehado to provide psychosocial counselling to Alpha to help him with his bereavement and readjustment to life without his family.

He has also benefited from a package of practical support, including a cash grant to help his rice growing generate a decent living. Today our partner reports that Alpha is once more full of life, with a renewed sense of hope and a smile on his face.

‘I was never thinking of regaining the things I lost to the Ebola outbreak, but I thank God today,’ says Alpha. ‘Although I cannot get back the lives lost – my wife and children who were my main support – the help I’ve received from Nehado and Tearfund has taken me to some level of recovery. I have up to 63 bags of rice stored and have cultivated up to ten acres. For this I want to thank God for his goodness and for using you people to be blessings to people like us.’

Please pray:

  • New cases of Ebola have recently emerged in Liberia after it was declared free of the disease. Pray for this outbreak to be swiftly brought to an end and for no more deaths.
  • Pray for the continuing recovery of people like Alpha, who have suffered practically, psychologically and emotionally.

Praying for the world in a new way

Tearfund Prayer Alerts lets you know if there is a major prayer need anywhere in the world, using the Whatsapp messaging service. These updates will often reach you before you get to hear about them in the media. You’ll hear about things like natural disasters and terror attacks. Sometimes it’s the only place you will get to find out what’s happening.

All you need is a smartphone and a few minutes to pray.
Sign up now It’s pretty simple:

  1. Download WhatsApp from your phone’s app store (if you haven’t already got it)
  2. Add +44 7752 590723 (our dedicated WhatsApp number) to your phone’s contacts.
  3. Send ‘UPDATE’ via WhatsApp to us on the above number
  4. Pray for the world!

Just to reassure you; you’ll stay completely anonymous and we won’t share your phone number with anyone else.
So, how about it? The world desperately needs your prayers. Join hundreds of Tearfund supporters, ready to pray, at a moment’s notice, for the world – wherever and whenever the need is greatest.

John GravettTearfund Representative

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