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Samaritans Purse November

Operation Christmas Child - Good News, Great Joy

Over the last 10 months I’ve been asking you to donate all sorts of things for our shoeboxes, and as usual you’ve been amazingly generous. Thank you yet again.

We’ve stopped collecting now (at least until next year that is!) and the task of covering boxes and filling them has started. I would like to ask you for one more thing however and that is that you will pray for the next part of the shoebox journey. Please pray for the volunteers that work so hard at the warehouse checking and processing thousands of boxes, for the lorry drivers as they make the long and often hazardous journey to their various destinations around the world and that as they go through customs there will be no problems to delay them. The folk that have the fantastic thrill of handing the boxes over to the excited children also need our prayers that they will be told by the Lord how to answer any questions that might arise due to some of the superstitions in some of the countries. I have absolutely no doubts that the right box will go to the right child because God has overseen that every year so no worries there!! Finally lets pray that many children will be able to go on the Greatest Journey bible course, and as they learn about Jesus they will answer the call to respond to His great love and accept Him as their Saviour, many do every year and the wonderful thing is they don’t keep the good news to themselves they share it with their friends and families.

Isn’t God great to let us share in this work? It starts with a simple shoebox but can end – and so often does – with souls won for Christ, not just one or two but hundreds around the world. So it really does make a difference and I want to thank you all so much for your part in it.

God Bless

Pam Dunn

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