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Tearfund November Update



Warning: contains descriptions of murder and violence.

Two years ago, Annah saw three of her children killed by Boko Haram insurgents in their village in North East Nigeria. Today, Annah is rebuilding her life with the help of Tearfund partner, Christian Rural and Urban Development Association (CRUDAN). That day, in July 2014, had started well for Annah. Then the sound of armed groups attacking her village changed everything. Annah’s relief at finding her three young boys – who were in school at the time of the attack – was short-lived. As she threw her arms around her children, the insurgents spotted them. The terrified boys were pulled from Annah’s arms and killed.

It was as the insurgents threatened to kill Annah that she recognised one of them as her neighbour. ‘You can kill me. What else am I living for?’ Annah told the insurgents. Instead, they let her go. Annah left everything behind and walked more than 50 kilometres to safety. She has never been able to bury her children but believes they are safe with their creator. Mercifully, Annah’s husband and daughter were out of town during the attack and this family, though diminished, is now together again.

Moving forward CRUDAN, alongside the local church, has been supporting Annah through counselling. CRUDAN has also provided Annah’s family with food as they were forced to leave everything behind. Despite all that she has been through and the incredible loss she has suffered, Annah thanks God for the support she has received. ‘May the Lord bless this organisation,’ says Annah.

    Please Pray:

  • Pray for Annah, her husband and their daughter. Ask God to bring them healing and hope as they look to the future.
  • Thank God for the work of CRUDAN and the local churches in Nigeria. Pray for the safety of their staff and the effectiveness of their work.
  • Lift up the country of Nigeria, particularly the North Eastern district, which continues to be driven by displacement and instability at the hands of Boko Haram.


Hurricane Matthew is the worst hurricane to hit Haiti since 1954 and has caused catastrophic damage including widespread flooding, debris and landslides. Cases of cholera have already been reported, along with enormous water infrastructure damage. Haiti remains highly vulnerable after the 2010 earthquake and is one of the poorest nations in the world. Tragically, at least 1000 lives have been lost and, according to the latest government figures, 1.4 million people are in need of humanitarian aid, including 750,000 targeted to address serious needs. At least 61,537 have been evacuated or displaced and are housed in temporary shelters.

Jesus calls us to go where the need is greatest, so please join with us as we continue to pray for Haiti.

Dear Lord,
We lift up the nation of Haiti and all those affected by the devastating effects of Hurricane Matthew. We pray for those who have lost loved ones and ask that you will be near to them during this time. Comfort them and let them know your presence in the midst of their deep grief. We pray for Tearfund and our partners on the ground as they bring help and aid to those in the worst-hit areas. We ask you Lord for wisdom and strength so that we might be able to respond to this humanitarian disaster in the most effective and compassionate way possible. We also pray for wisdom and discernment for the government and local leaders as they decide how to respond in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, and start to identify the immediate and longer term needs. Thank you Lord that it says in your Word in Hebrews 6:19, ‘We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.’ Thank you God that you are good, and we praise and bless your Holy name.
In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Tearfund’s workers and partners are on the ground in Haiti right now. If you would like to give to support this urgent work, please visit Thank you.


83% of people in Yemen are currently in severe need, as escalating conflict has left families in desperate need of food, health services, and clean water. Almost the entire population of Yemen is currently in need of humanitarian assistance, in a worsening conflict that most people know nothing about. As fighting between the Yemeni government and Houthi rebels worsens, civilian deaths are in their thousands – and an already vulnerable population has been thrown into severe instability. People cannot access food or water, and many children are not in school. Health services are reporting hundreds of injuries or deaths every day, and are struggling to cope with the scale of the crisis.

Although Yemen has been in turmoil since early 2012, recently increased air strikes have caused a huge spike in the deaths of ordinary people and the destruction of their homes. People in desperate need have not been receiving aid, because access for aid organisations is increasingly difficult. Health facilities are rapidly closing, because of shortages of fuel and other basic supplies. Yemen is on the brink of severe famine, and health authorities have confirmed a dangerous outbreak of cholera.

With no sign of an end to the conflict, Yemen needs urgent prayer.

    Please Pray:

  • For peace in Yemen, and that fighting between political groups will end. Pray for an end to the airstrikes that are destroying people’s homes and lives.
  • For the millions of people living in areas that are too dangerous for aid to reach, that they would receive life-saving support. Pray that they might have the resources and ability to move out of immediate conflict zones.
  • That blockages to aid and restrictions on imports to Yemen will be lifted, so that essential resources and humanitarian aid can get through.
  • For all the people affected by the conflict: people who are injured, have lost family members, their homes and their livelihoods, for their safety and strength in the face of suffering.

John GravettTearfund Representative

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