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Coffee Pot – November dispatches

CCC Coffee Pot and Happy Faces

After coffee and a chat, the morning was dedicated to the Samaritans’ Purse and its Shoe Box appeal. The meeting was led by Pam D, with Viv H offering the technical support by operating the projection equipment that is available at the Village Centre.

At Christmas time not everyone is happy, BUT the children who receive a Shoe Box certainly are. The Nationwide appeal results in many smiling faces, in many parts of the world. Some of the children are happy just to receive the box and dance around with excessive exuberance before even seeing what is in the box. The video we watched was a joy to behold. Some of the children’s experiences were very sad and we wondered how our children would respond in the same situations.

In one case, a packet of straws proved to be the exact item that was required and in another a small, insignificant, cuddly toy proved to be overwhelming to the youngster concerned. To a lonely child, with no parents or family, relying only on charity, the toy belonged to the child and cuddles were going to be forever.

Coffee Pot gave £115, the mornings voluntary contributions, to the Shoe Box appeal and also our thanks to people like Pam, and others, who do all they can to help children whom they will never meet.

Quote, “However, there should be no poor among you. If there is a poor man among you, in any of the towns of the land, do not be hard-hearted or tight-fisted toward your poor brother. Rather be open-handed.”

CCC Coffee Pot and Underground Cats

All is not quite what it seems. After the usual chat and coffee, Barbara set us two challenging tasks. We had the choice of starting by finding the names of London Underground stations from clues, provided by the written word and also a map of the Underground. Alternatively, we could identify types of cats from their pictures provided.

Most of the teams managed to get almost maximum marks from identifying the Underground stations. The only two that caused problems were ‘Wellington’s Victory’ that turned out to be ‘Marble Arch’ and not the popular choice of ‘Waterloo’ followed by the question, “You might want to play sardines in this green place“. The answer there was ‘Hyde Park Corner’, so there. BBC has the Red Button but Barbara’s Red Dot was a real benefit.

The Cat Identification process proved a lot more difficult. I thought Noah only took two cats on the Ark. It appears that he must have taken two of every breed of cat. Barbara had cats from all over the world. We had wild and non-wild cats; cats called Nod Nod’s, or Noo Noo’s or something like that. There were cats that leapt straight up into the air to catch birds; there were Blue Cats from Russia and Marbled Cats from Borneo; the Cheetah, the Lynx, the Jaguar, the Leopard, Siamese, Persian Burmese and even a Ragamuffin [where ever that came from!]

As we said to Barbara when she left, Thank you for an excellent morning and Abyssinia some time.

Viv gave the epilogue that reminded us that Jesus said, “I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me.” She used an allegorical tale that enabled us to draw our own conclusions as to its meaning.

Peter Brown

CCC Coffee Pot Dates for your diary
Thursday 15 December Christmas Nativity Play entitled, “The Christ Child is Born”. At the Village Centre. 10.30 until 1pm Admission £5 ‘give or take.’
Thursday 12 January Our New Year’s lunch at the Peacock, Henton. 11.30 until 3pm.
Thursday 26 January The Marimba Band at the Village Centre. 10.30 until noon. Admission £2 ‘give or take.’
Thursday 18 May ‘The Worst Quiz Ever!!!. In support of Chinnor Christian Aid. At the Village Centre. 10.30 until 1pm Admission £2 ‘give or take.’

A Too-Two-To- Tu-Z Coffee Pot

It was a dark and stormy day, and the autumnal bronze leaves were swirling around in a wild frenzy as we tried to open the door to the Chiltern Room at the Village Centre. It was locked. So we had to advance, protecting ourselves from the wind and the rain until we came to the next door through which, thankfully, we made our entrance for the next challenge of the day. This was to be Angela.

After coffee and the usual banter, Angela presented us with a mind challenging selection of words that started with A and finished with Z, although there was no Z. Mind you, there was no X either. So based upon the alphabet with its 26 letters, 2 of which were not being used, that left us with only 24 letters to use when finding words. Actually, it was 48 words that we had to find, because all the alphabetical answers were to be ‘Homophones’. These are not ‘phones that you use at home but words with same pronunciation but spelt differently, such an example would be ‘hair’ and ‘hare‘.

Angela spent sleepless ‘knights or nights’, saying ‘dear, deer’; ‘what or watt’ sort of ‘exorcise or exercise’ can I prepare [prepair!] for Coffee Pot? It was a good morning once we got into the swing of things, no [know] won [one] was left in [inn] a jamb [jam]. The final example of the use of a homophone could be with the letter P. Words included were ‘Prophet-Profit; Peer -Pier; Pair-Pear; Plane- Plain; Pray -Prey; and Peace-Piece. Richard came up with an unusual selection but it should have been used in a more diplomatic selection under the letter L, as in Leek-Leak.
Angela gave us a good quiz to try at family gatherings this Christmas. Why not try it then? No won got forty ate but quite a few were inn the faulties, or should that be forties!!!

Pam finished off the morning by reminding us that Christ is in CHRISTmas. We should remember that Christmas is all about the Birth of our Saviour. It is God’s gift to us that should be foremost in our mind.

A Christmas Blessing to all our readers. Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ.
Ephesians 1:3

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