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Fishing in Ponds

At Oxford Community Church last weekend the Lord spoke strongly into our current situation. Some of our Small Group Leaders had gone to take time out and review how things are going but God had other ideas! There was worship and teaching on the Friday night and Saturday, which brought our attention to “who are our people?”. We were challenged to look first at he closely acquainted followers of Jesus at the core of CCC, radiating out in circular ripples finally to the people who we know of around us but as yet have no relationship with.

We were led to think about the different groups of people we have relationship with or “ponds of fish” as it was put to us. These are groups where relationships are made, and where we hope to demonstrate and communicate Jesus’ love. It has long been apparent that we find it difficult to be direct with people when telling them of the need there is for all of us to have Jesus in our lives. And so it came to fishing – how do we become further equipped to fish in the huge number of ponds that CCC people are involved in. We started to write down all the groups, in no particular order:-
Rainbow Tots, Coffee Pot, Men’s work / curry nights, The Journey, The Bridge, FN@6, FN@7, The Rock, Rock Solid, Crèche, Ladies Nights, Forget me knot club, Alpha, Small Groups, U3A, Creative writing group, Mah jong Group, Maze of Memories, Albania Quiz, Shoe Boxes, Chinnor Passion Play, the school gates, Hempton Field, Meadowcroft ………… and we are sure there are even more ”ponds” where the believers of CCC are building relationships with people.

We were given a prophetic word by the elders of OCC relating to the words we ourselves had recently had about waiting on the Lord and getting prepared to go. Like solders, who are all kitted up and ready to march off at the order of their commander-in- chief. The word we were given was “to go on exercises, practice and drill”, so that we are trained and equipped.

This leading and direction found a focus for us on “The Turning”, the name given to a phenomenal movement of the Holy Spirit in Reading where ordinary people are equipped and given training to tell people about Jesus. We believe it is an area of skill we should investigate for ourselves – if you are interested in finding out more speak to Peter Hopgood or Bruce Crawforth, alternatively visit The Gate Church Reading web site and follow the links.


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