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Samaritans Purse January

Operation Christmas Child - Good News, Great Joy

Endenette clearly explained the gospel to the 60 children gathered in the local Church in Havana – a place where many are unemployed, and all are living in makeshift corrugated metal homes with no electricity and no running water. The children listened intently and many accepted Jesus as their Saviour that day. Later the children received a shoebox from Operation Christmas Child, and Endenette remembered how 5 years ago she had been the one receiving a box – her first ever present – a box filled with all the little things we collect every month. Her mother had died when she was a little girl and she’d never known her father, but as a result of receiving that shoebox she’d found Jesus and accepted Him as her Saviour and loving Heavenly Father. She now devotes herself to actively serving God in her Church, sharing the gospel and leading outreach events for Operation Christmas Child.

This is just one of so many testimonies of how God uses these simple gifts to further His kingdom. Whole villages are turning to The Lord and lives are being changed forever. Since 2012 over 120,000 children have discovered Jesus whilst on the Greatest Journey bible course. Praise the Lord!

We’re still helping this work by sending boxes – 200 last year went from CCC I wonder how many will go in 2017? In February we’ll continue collecting erasers and sharpeners but also add in colouring pencils (the long kind as they last longer)

Thank you for all you are doing in God’s name,

Love from
Pam Dunn

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