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Coffee Pot – March dispatches

CCC Coffee Pot & Line Three

One thing about the morning’s activities is the fact that only the MC and pcb [sort of] are aware of the programme. It all adds up to anticipation of what will happen. This week was no different. After the Birthday cake [thanks Sandy] and coffee, etc, Viv was introduced as our MC. With clipboards and pens at the ready our challenge for the morning was revealed. We were given a sheet of paper with the first two lines of a song and all we had to do was to write down the third line. There were 30 songs to attempt to recall. Easier said than done. The room was soon a cacophony of singing, humming and whistling as members tried to recall line three. The first song lines were ‘Happy Days are here again, the skies above are clear again …???…,’ Line four was ‘Happy Days are here again. Line three was NOT ‘dum-de-dum dum dum dum dum,’ but ‘Let’s sing a song of cheer,’ Days should have been spelt Daze as we continued onward and downward. ‘The stars shining bright above you, night breezes seem to whisper I love you, birds singing in the sycamore tree’ should have elicited the answer ‘dream a little dream of me’. NOT ‘Deep in the Heart of Texas’. Our musical experts, June and Barbara, could not understand why the ‘Texas’ answer was erroneous. They even tried to sing it to us to prove that they were correct. The romantic song that starts ‘Yours ‘till the stars have no glory, yours ‘till the birds fail to sing, yours ‘till the end of life’s story,’ finished up with the line ‘I won’t be coming if it’s raining.’ Our two experts were at it again.

Anyway, the morning was a great success. Someone got more points than someone else, but the memory is a bit confused after this morning. Viv created a great atmosphere of happiness in a very short time. A happiness that cannot be bought, so thanks Viv.

CCC Coffee Pot & General Knowledge

Leslie and Sandy gave us the opportunity to have a coffee and a chat before they, collectively, challenged us with their GK quiz. I think that previous experience ensured that we were faced with a much easier uiz than last time they were in charge; at least I think that was the idea. Questions from ancient Greece, via Paris, to little glass things at the bottom of bottles were all part of the mornings challenge. Everyone rose to the occasion and mutterings were the order of the day. What fabulous creature had the head of an eagle and the body of a lion? Was it a Gruffalo or a Griffin?

Of course it was easy, if you can remember! Next came our visit to France where a lot of our members failed to see their retrousse in front of their face when it came to Quasimodo, the deformed bell ringer of Notre Dame. Pantile was not a tile that one puts a frying pan on, nor was it a row of houses. That was close, but not close enough for L&S. Pantile is, of course, a curved roof tile. What was another name for the Rowan Tree? Yes, the one with the red berries hanging from the branches, that the birds love; they have a lot of them in Scotland; there is a song about the Rowan Tree; yes, yes, that one. I know the Latin name, Sorbus aucuparia, but what is the English [or Scottish] name? So the morning continued, Henry VIII’s wives, or at least one or two were answers to a question, but with a choice of six, which wife would be the correct answer. I was not bothered, it was nothing to loose my head over, so I divorced myself from answering, which is my normal par for history questions. Margaret and Barbara managed to answer most of Leslie and Sandy’s questions and so were the morning’s champions.

We finished the morning with Leslie and her solar lights and, until they were charged by the sun, did not light or remained dim. She reminded us that without Jesus we also were in darkness and that Jesus could lighten our lives. [Some of our mature members started to sing an old Elim chorus, “Jesus bids us shine….”] Before my time, of course.
Sandy reminded us, and also gave thanks to God, for making us free and giving us freedom.

CCC Coffee Pot and the Pub Quiz

Nina was in the chair again and, because the answers would be easy, she had prepared thirty-five questions for us to answer. The answer to the first question was Pope Paul II, but it should have been Pope John Paul II. Pope Paul II died on the 26 July 1471 but it was Pope John Paul II who died on the 2 April 2005; this being a week before the marriage of Charles and Camilla. I forget what the question was now and I had to Google who died when and whom married whom, etc, etc. [Oh for the little grey cells of some famous detective!]

William Haig got mixed up with William Rufus who got mixed up with William Tell who got mixed up with William II who got mixed up with Will.I.AM. So one question received various answers from the gathered crowds.

What is the capital of Hawaii? Was the answer Honolulu or is Honolulu the capital of the Hawaiian Islands and Hilo the capital of Hawaii (The Big Island). Nina’s answer was the last word and her decision was final. Honolulu was her answer, and that was that. Another question was what does a Misogynist hate? The answer being, of course, someone who has a hatred of women. Everyone present had the correct answer and it even had someone comment, “….my husband is one of those….” Alopecia related to baldness, which is the loss or the absence of hair, especially from the human head and NOT a domesticated, long-haired South American animal related to the llama and similar in appearance. That is an alpaca! (Will the person who gave that answer please contact

So we continued the morning answering Nina’s questions to the best of our ability, but even so she is hard with her marking. Not surprising really, considering the hullabaloo people make when trying to justify their own answers, so well done Nina for managing to keep us all under control.

CCC Coffee Pot and Pointless

Spring is in the air and a happy feeling pervades the Chiltern Room as the morning sun filters through the windows and lightens our hearts, but maybe not for long. Another pointless meeting lays ahead, I suppose. Oh; ah; no! It is Jacqui that is bringing us the POINTLESS challenge, by common request it may be said. How to score in Pointless is simple for most of us, others have difficulties, though. After a chosen letter is announced, all we have to do is to find a word that no one else has thought of that starts with that letter [score nil points]. If two people or more have the same answer, score one point.

If you have no answer or a completely wrong answer then score two points.

The first round letter was N. This brought with it a multitude of answers such as Norway; Nicaragua; Nepal; Newt; Nehemiah; Noah and Knee. Knee! Needless to Note that Knee was Not aN aNswer Needed.

A was the chosen letter for round two. What was in the fridge starting with A? Apple; Apricot; Avocado; Alpo, A piece of ham; Ale plus a few other odds and ends. [A piece of ham was disqualified by the way.] L was the round three letter. Lick ten stein was a country beginning with the letter L, as was Lima; Libya. Other L words included Lemon Sherbet; Lynx; Lark; Ludo; Lacrosse and for sports equipment, Lasso was allowed. Richard and Joan did exceedingly well.

The room was generally a cacophony of voices most of the time, hearing aids were turned down and complaints of the noise were ignored, mainly because of the noise. Eventually Jacqui brought the gang of miscreants under control after an exciting and most enjoyable morning, where friendships were strengthened and fun abounded.

Jacqui closed by reminding us that God’s promises were true and unchanging. In times of trouble, need and difficulty He could be relied upon to keep His word, as well as in times of great joy. The LORD is faithful to all his promises and loving toward all he has made. Psalm 145:13

So ended another enjoyable morning in the company of Jacqui and friends.

Peter Brown

NOTE. No Coffee Pot on April 6; the next Coffee Pot will be on April 20th 10.30 at the Village Centre, Chilton Room when …………… will be our guest.

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