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Coffee Pot – May dispatches

CCC Coffee Pot’s Mountains & Rivers

(Or Pots’, alternatively Pots, take your pick. At Coffee Pot we require no school leaving certificate or Grade 9 GCSE, so feel free to come along and join us.)

Barbara prepared a few picture questions for us to view. There were only twenty questions to answer. So we were expecting a fun, but easy morning. The answer sheet had enough space for our answers, so no problem there then; at least not until we looked on the back of the pictures! Not only did we have to name the river or mountain, but there were auxiliary questions for us to contemplate.

Where was it? Who climbed it first? What year? Who was H and T? What was the name of the train? How long it the river? How high is the mountain? Where did the man on the punt come from? What time is lunch? The 20 questions had suddenly trebled in number. Barbara’s pictures were stunning and it was like a trip around the world in 80 minutes rather than 80 days, and there was no cost involved, so we had an enjoyable time. The pictures evoked conversation about visits that had been made to various sights. Comments such as, “You’ve been there.” received an answer of “Oh no I haven’t.”. I failed to recognise Ben Nevis although I had partially seen it quite a few times. I expect they have a few clear days in Scotland, but my view had usually been obscured by rain, mist, snow, fog or cloud. Anyway, that was my excuse. So we went to India, Egypt, Mount Rushmore, in the US of A, Australia, Japan, and Germany, plus a few other countries on our challenge to name the mountains and rivers. Whatever the scoring method was it ensured that S and L had the most points. Somehow they were given 100 points for giving an answer that sounded a lot like ‘quack, quack!’

Viv finished a great morning of fun and enjoyment with reminding us that the Mountains and Rivers were made by God for man to enjoy. Seeing nature around us and enjoying the beauty of the countryside helps us to appreciating God’s handiwork and to realise that we have a lot to thank Him for.

CCC Coffee Pot and our Christian Aid Quiz

All proceeds from this morning will be given to the Chinnor Christian Aid Appeal, so join us at 10.30 on Thursday 18 May in the Chiltern Room of the Village Centre.

‘The Worst Quiz in the World’ will be a challenge to remember. No one will get full marks, so don’t despair; just be there. The minimum charge for this event is £2 although more is fully acceptable, Coffee, tea and biscuits available at no extra charge. Only 20 questions and we finish by noon, though, if you feel desperate, you can sneak out early. Is this an event not to be missed?

Peter Brown

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