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Samaritans Purse June

Operation Christmas Child - Good News, Great Joy

It doesn’t seem possible that 5 months of 2017 have already gone – but the large plastic containers filled with all your lovely donations for the shoeboxes assure me this is so!

The month of May saw us starting to collect toiletry items and we could still do with some more. I hope you won’t mind if during June we continue with soaps, flannels, toothpastes and toothbrushes. I promise you we will move on to the “fun” items after that!

As I was sorting some of our collection the other day I felt I wanted to remind you of one of the reasons we do this every year and of the difference your generosity can make. In the gospels we read how little children were brought to Jesus and received His blessing, in so many places around the world things are being reversed! After receiving a shoebox, thousands of children attend the Greatest Journey discipleship course, and on completing it accept Jesus as their Saviour. They are the ones now telling others and introducing both other children and more importantly adults to Jesus. Because of the witness of these children so many are starting out on a new journey where hope is replacing despair, they are now feeling valued by One who loved them so much He gave His life to save them, and they know they have a future worth living for. God’s family is growing – and it all started with a shoebox and our prayers…

Thank you for all you are doing in God’s name,

Love from
Pam Dunn

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