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Coffee Pot – July dispatches

CCC Coffee Pot and Christian Aid

Christian Aid responds to disaster areas in the world; they should have responded to our disaster area at Coffee Pot! The quiz designed to raise funds for Christian Aid was entitled, “The Worst Quiz in the World.” There is no doubt about that and we were not allowed our money back either. (No one left early because the chocolate biscuits were too nice.) There were 20 questions, with one mark for each correct answer. The maximum number of points achieved by a two person team was 61⁄2 and the minimum was 1! No wonder many had a headache by the end of the morning. A sample of questions follows, for instance ‘How many extras were there in the epic film Ghandi’? (Answer 294,560). How long does it take to hard boil an egg? (Answer 40 minutes) This question created some very active discussion, for instance, “You’ve gotten the wrong answer there, buddy.” and “4 minutes is more like it.” Other aspects included if, was it a white egg, a brown egg, was it a large, medium or small egg? Unfortunately the discussion over the time it took to boil an egg started before the quiz master could finish speaking. The egg in the question turned out to relate to the egg of an ostrich, so sort that one out. One of our members had actually stood on an ostrich egg for some unfathomable reason.

Only Ben might be around when Haley’s Comet would be visible from Earth next, and he would then be in his eighties, because the year would be 2061. How many times is God mentioned in the NIV Bible was a question? First, though, what did NIV stand for? Of course, New International Version, in which God is mentioned 3,508 times, so we had all better take notice of what he says. There was at least one interesting question that no one got right, but it is current. If all the glaciers in the world melted, how much would the seas rise by, in metres? The chilling answer transpired that the seas would rise by 115.7 metres, or 3791⁄2 feet. Thank goodness for the Rainbow. Eventually the quiz was over and we could all relax again, and the sum raised for Christian Aid was £133.15 pence and 10 Euros (most probably unwanted currency!)

Questions and answers for CCC Coffee Pot Conundrums were supplied by Guesstimation Cheatwell Games, Gosport, Hants PO12 4BG

CCC Coffee Pot and The Chase

Welcome Kathleen and Sienna to the mornings meeting. Kathleen brought us another quiz to test our meagre grey cells, although this time, she must have taken sympathy on us in our time of need. Everyone was quite happy at the end of the quiz, not because it had finished, because we all managed to get lots of questions correct. So cheers all round. Some of us got a lot right and some of us only got some right, although Sienna was a big help to a certain team. There were some questions that caused minor problems, such as the instrument that is nick-named the clown of the orchestra. This turned out to be the ‘bassoon’ although quite a few answered with ‘the piccolo. ‘Dolly Varden’ was not the dinner lady from someone’s school days that served ‘frogspawn’ but an item of clothing that took its name from a Charles Dickens character, namely a flowered hat with a wide, drooping brim. For the life of me, I don’t know why. (Answers on a post card, please.) ‘Foggy Bummer’ caused a problem. JS was not with us at this particular meeting, but she would have known the answer, because it turned out to be a Scottish name for a ‘Bumblebee’. Why is it better to have a lobster for Christmas dinner rather than a turkey? Because a lobster has ten legs. Ho! Ho! I must finish now as I am starting to experience ‘graphospasm’, but before that event, remembering that this Coffee Pot was before the general election, the following turned out to be a gem. Question: – A Prime Minister calling a general election is ‘going to the’ what? We had a choice of answers from the following- ‘Shops. Country. Dogs.’ You will never guess what the most popular answer was!!

Kathleen also finished the meeting by recalling an event that occurred to her over 39 years ago. She reminded us of making plans and turning to faith. So ended another good morning of fun and fellowship.

Peter Brown

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