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Samaritans Purse July

Operation Christmas Child - Good News, Great Joy

Many of you said how interesting it was to hear from Mark, when he visited some weeks ago, just how many activities Samaritan’s Purse are involved in around the world – in addition to Operation Christmas Child. When we hear of all the work that is being done in the Saviour’s name in this way, we can sometimes feel useless as we sit in our comfortable homes in Oxfordshire. We shouldn’t of course because we can all pray, and our prayers are so important to all those serving the Lord “on the front line”. Giving of our resources too is something we can, and do, do.

During July and August we are moving on to thinking about providing fun for our little friends receiving the shoeboxes! Things like small games and toys can bring such happiness, and cuddly toys can bring a feeling of security and love.

Tennis balls are really great as these can give hours of enjoyment with others, and skipping ropes, yo-yo’s, cars, small Lego sets, harmonicas etc. can all help to bring joy and fun into their otherwise often drab hours. Lifting the lid of a shoebox and seeing a cuddly toy waiting to be loved and cuddled can put big smiles on their little faces – providing these can be our privilege and pleasure!

Thank you as always for all you do,

Love from
Pam Dunn

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