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Coffee Pot – September dispatches

CCC Coffee Pot and Brainiacs

Val sent a strongly veiled e-mail to me with regards to the type of morning we were going to have when she was ‘in charge’. I immediately sat and looked at my equivalent to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, so that I could ‘gen’ up. Unfortunately, it was only a couple of days before Val would be ‘in charge’ at the Coffee Pot meeting.

“Too late, Too Late.” as the belatedly General Douglas MacArthur once said, but as the usual Coffee Pot meeting progressed, things were not as bad as I thought they were going to be. Certainly, after an intake of a ’phew’* chocolate biscuits, we were all fired up and ready to go. Val gave us the answers at the beginning of the meeting, they were to be ‘YES’ or ’NO’. Great, that made life a bit more easier or did it?

Val’s second question was, ‘The human skeleton is made up of over 100 bones, True or False.’ The answer is TRUE, but now comes the tricky bit. In a very small space we had to state how many. Hmmmmm. Do you mean an adult or a child? An adult has 206 bones but a child has over 300, and these get less as the child gets older. The skull bones fuse together for instance. Guess how many points we got for a correct answer. One, just one. (I think it should have been one point for each bone!)

Copper is the best conductor of electricity turned out to be false. Silver was the correct answer, but who could afford electric cables with silver in them. Only crooks who would see a silver lining!!! Next came a meaning of the word ‘desquamation’. One team got the correct answer but only by the skin of their teeth. And so it went on…and on…..and on. It was time to go home after various first names for Michelangelo were suggested. The True and False statement was whether Michelangelo’s first name was Lorenzo or not. Most people said it was false. What do you say it was?

Answers in the next issue of the Pump or Connect.

So thanks Val for a really challenging morning, full of joy and laughter, which is good for the soul. (He will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy. see Job 8:21)
* should read ‘few’, but take your choice.

CCC Coffee Pot and Riddles

Gone, and forgotten. Oops. That should read “Gone, but NOT forgotten.” THEY were away for a few days so we, Diane and Richard, had full reign [or rain!] THEY were sunning themselves and we were eating all the biscuits. Biscuits all gone! Di led the quiz for the morning, for that was scheduled, so the fun got underway. What surrounds the world but exists in a thimble was the last riddle? The answer was ‘space’. Some of the jolly riddles came in a poetic form such as ‘I can run but not walk; have a mouth but cannot talk?’ which was, of course, a river. Another little gem was ‘If you have me, you want to share me; but if you share me, you will lose me. What am I? this answer turned out to be ‘ a secret’. In the book of Proverbs, the Old Testament part of the Bible says, “A gossip betrays a confidence, but a trustworthy person keeps a secret.” [Proverbs 11 v13] so there is a reminder for our everyday living.

Di started with the easy riddles, such as asking, ‘What can be caught but not thrown? and ‘I can travel the world without leaving my corner’ followed by, ‘What can be measured, but not seen?’ So the choice of answers were selected from either, a stamp, time or a cold. In the middle of the morning, a distraction arose, and was noticed by some of our more discrete members. The builders, on the new house being built within view of the VC Chiltern Room, were stripped to the waist in the summer sun. Of course, our members were concerned with the Health and Safety of the men, and after order had been restored, the quiz continued. ‘What surrounds everyplace, is the beginning of the end, and at the end of time and space?’ Answers from the erudite and learned included, ‘space’, ‘infinity’ and ‘boundlessness’ when the answer all along was just the letter ‘E’. (or as they say in Lancashire. “E, by gum.”)

Well done, Pam and Angela!!!

A minutes silence was held to remember those encumbered by the recent dreadful events of the previous few days in London.

So with thanks to Diane and Richard, Jacqui closed the meeting with the epilogue and prayer.

CCC Coffee Pot and Our Strawberry Fayre.

It was certainly a mixed morning with hymn singing, TV Programmes and the Strawberry lunch time refreshments. The event was hosted by Ken and Rosemary [or Rosemary and Ken]. We started off with the hymn, ‘O God, our help in ages past.’ and then we moved on to TV theme tunes. On the positive outlook, the highest score was 13 out of 25 tunes recognised. Now, does this indicated who wastes their time watching telly, or is there some other observation that can be made? Were the low scorers really the true winners? Draw your own conclusions as it was an excellent morning whatever way you look at it.

The theme tune to ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ was not recognised by many, and ‘Torchwood’ was a complete failure. One of the answers to that tune was ‘Countryfile’. A close miss, I guess! ‘Coronation Street’ was a winner as was ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ and ‘Open All Hours.’ Then down the slippery slope to ‘Hitchers Guide to the Galaxy’; ‘Red Dwarf’ and ‘My Hero’. (Thermo man-do you remember him?)

At the end of the morning a number of people were singing or humming, trying to recall the programmes to themselves, or others, such was the interest raised by the nimble fingers of Ken, on his keyboard, and of Rosemary for managing to control the crowd from getting out of hand (or should that be tune?)

Rosemary then had us singing the hymn, ‘Make me a channel of your peace.’ A good reminder that TV channels are only entertainment but God’s channel brings peace, hope, light, joy and pardon.
Sue and her team, at the Village Centre, provided us with a selection of Strawberry and Raspberry mouth-watering delights, which were all consumed with the exception of a few strawberries for our dinner lady. A good morning all round, so thanks to all concerned, with an extra thanks to Rosemary and Ken (or Ken and Rosemary).

Peter Brown

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