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Samaritans Purse September

Operation Christmas Child - Good News, Great Joy

Imagine how it must feel to be one of the millions of children around the world to receive the gift of a shoebox. It will probably be the first, and most likely the only present you’ll ever receive. Because of this it’s perfectly understandable that many ask “is it REALLY for me?” or “can I KEEP it?” That’s so sad isn’t it? Some of us have so much whilst others have so little. It would be wonderful if we could even things out for everyone, but of course we can’t – all we can do is our best. Thanks to you we are well on our way to collecting lots of goodies for the shoeboxes we’ll be sending this year.

We’re running out of time now and it would be great to collect some more cuddly toys and small games during September. It’s also time to bring in all those hats, scarves and mitts you’ve been knitting all year!

One more thing, if you are passing a shoe shop, if you have a few minutes could you pop in and ask them for any empty shoeboxes they have. They are expecting you to do this!! And will be happy to oblige. They are of no further use to them – but essential to us!!!
Thank you once again for all your generosity, God bless you,

Pam Dunn x

As you will be aware, CCC organises monthly collections of different items for our shoeboxes and then we fill the shoeboxes to take to the warehouse in November. Supporters are invited to include a donation for each shoebox they fill to cover the costs of collecting, processing and shipping shoebox gifts from the UK to 17 countries. It also provides training and project materials for local churches and groups to lead safe, well-organised celebrations where children in need receive shoeboxes. In the majority, CCC’s shoeboxes are not individually packed so Pam Dunn organises events to raise donations for each of our shoeboxes.
The Samaritan’s Purse organisers are asking for a small increase in this donation to maintain the ‘best we can offer in the safe and dedicated way they are delivered’. They are inviting all supporters to increase this donation from £3 to £5 and more information can be found on their web page:
During the months of September and October; please would you consider donating towards the costs of collecting, processing and shipping our shoebox gifts. Any donations can be placed in the offering box. Thank you.

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