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Coffee Pot – October dispatches

CCC Coffee Pot and a Skeptick (Sceptic)

A Skeptick or a Sceptic; was he or was he not; did he or did he not, that is the question? Or is it? Did we want a cheerful morning or did we not? Well, we soon found out. Chris had come to entertain us with songs, poems and monologues, and it was to be a good all round musical morning. He only had his acoustic guitar and his singing voice. Off he went with a well-known ballad, “The Dream Seller.”

One of his own compositions followed next, entitled, “My Day is Your Day.” This was illustrating the differences between us in the West, who have more than enough, and young children, living in Uganda, who have a lot, lot less. It was in Uganda that a life changing experience caused Chris to write a song, called, ‘No Longer Alone.’ Street boys were brought together to begin to enjoy life and work and play together through football and Christian fellowship.

Chris was then going recite to us another of his own works. It came in three parts but so far only one part had been written. It covered the life of Mary Magdalene, as imagined, based on the writings about her in the Bible. It depicted the differences that she found out about when she discovered Jesus. He was different to other men she had known in her life. His words penetrated her heart and life and she decided to follow him. He brought a new and changed life to her. In him she found hope for the future, especially after the first Easter. She realised that she had found the Saviour, her sins had been forgiven and that her gift of life would be eternal.

We then had a selection of original Blues music plus a couple more songs written by himself. Chris plays Christian music in a local pub and thus he became associated with the Skepticks or (Sceptics)!!!

Chris left us with a word of encouragement, reminding us that although Jesus died 2000 years ago, he is still relevant today and we should not ignore the free gift of salvation.
So it was thanks to Chris for an informative, and a foot tapping, morning.

CCC Coffee Pot and Autumn Watch

Getting back together after the summer break is always nice, and a great time to catch up on what is going on in the village. We must also have in mind the words of King Solomon when he wrote that. “A gossip betrays a confidence, but a trustworthy man keeps a secret; so avoid a man who talks too much.”* so after a catch up and a coffee it was on with Autumn Watch, which turned out to be anything but, at least not as we understand it. The answers to the Autumn Watch quiz were just to be ‘yes or no‘, and might have been based on the words of Jesus when he said, “ Simply let your `Yes’ be `Yes,’ and your `No,’ `No’; anything beyond this comes from the evil one.”**

Chris Packham and Kate Humble had verified the answers so heckling was not expected during the morning. This turned out to be wishful thinking.

The question ‘Do Giant Pandas fill up on bamboo before hibernating all winter?’ caused discussion but the answer was a categorical NO. Why? Because they do not hibernate in the winter, unlike other bears, they just descend to the lower slopes of their mountain to where it is warmer. Are mute swans mute? NO, not when they are on the ground but only in flight. The pupils of the Oriental Fire-bellied Toad are square. Was this a true statement? Again the answer was NO, because they are triangular. Can elephants recognise themselves in a mirror? At last, a YES answer. And so it went on, King Cobras nests and Parrots taste buds plus other such simple statements and questions filled the morning. The winning team for the morning were not the ones with the highest score, but the ones nearest 13, which was the sort of average mark. Nina and Margaret had exactly 13, so they received the round of applause for their achievement.
Chris suggested a good subject for the epilogue** but it was not to be. The epilogue was based on God’s wonderful creation, and that sometime we should stop being busy and in a quiet time, when we only have our own thoughts, reflect on the depth of the riches of the knowledge, wisdom and grace of God!

Peter Brown
*Proverbs 11:13 and 20 v19
** Matthew 5:37

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