Chinnor Community Church, High Street, Chinnor, OX39 4DH

Senior’s Ministry


Ministry to Seniors at CCC

(our much older younger people!)

If you are looking for a place where you can connect with other senior adults or if it’s a special place where you can belong, congratulations – you have found your place! It is an amazing feeling to realize that you are loved and that someone cares.

Our Seniors Ministry exists to reach senior adults with the gospel of Christ and assist them as they journey with Jesus. We seek to accomplish this through specifically tailored events such as Coffee Pot where you will find friendship, encouragement, fellowship, a place to belong, and a way to put your gifts and abilities to work.

The Journey, is our interactive Bible Study in a Small Group setting tailored entirely for our senior’s. This is a fast growing group. At CCC we believe that senior adults are a vital and dynamic part of our church life. We hold fast to God’s promise .

‘Even in old age they will still produce fruit; they will remain vital and green.’
(Psalm 92:14 – New Living Translation)

We have Small Groups that meet during the day, Prayer Pods, Coffee Pot, fellowship in all sorts of forms. All of our adult groups here at CCC are inclusive of seniors and we enjoy the dynamic interaction of the church family throughout.