Chinnor Community Church, High Street, Chinnor, OX39 4DH

Evangelism Academy

Evangelism Academy

CCC Church Hall

time 10:00 am

5th September 2015

So many Christians are afraid when it comes to sharing their faith, ‘it’s not my gifting’, ‘I don’t have all the answers’, ‘I don’t know what to say’ – these are some of the reasons people give as to why they should not be involved in evangelism. How about you? Are you scared of the ‘E’ word? If so don’t worry, help is at hand! Read on to find out how YOU can be empowered to share your faith…

A key part of our vision is to see the local church resourced and supported in outreach. Not only in collaborative events, but to also give individuals tools to help them share their faith. Our Evangelism Academy is designed to equip, release and enable individual Christians to go and share their faith in the workplace, school or wherever they may be.

    Some of the subjects covered in the one day training academy include:

  • Why evangelism?
  • What is the Gospel?
  • Facing our fears
  • Effective Communication
  • It’s not all down to us (The role of the Holy Spirit in evangelism)
  • Closing the deal (How to lead someone to Christ)

Each Evangelism Academy day is filled with practical faith inspiring, heart impacting teaching from Evangelist Steve Mullins, with a time of prayer ministry at the end of the day.