Chinnor Community Church, High Street, Chinnor, OX39 4DH

Exciting times ahead

The Lord is leading us at CCC on an exciting journey. Pastor Kenn is following God’s calling and moving to Scotland and whilst we will miss him and Kath we know that our future is safe in God’s care.

As we enter these times of change, as a church we want to ensure that we are following God’s word and are conscious of His will. Once we have had time to pray, and thought through what message is being given, Bruce has asked that these Words of God or pictures are passed onto the CLT ready for the larger gathering of Trustees, CLT, Small Group leaders, Youngster and the Older Persons’ Groups, etc on 24th of September. Likewise, Bruce asked if you have a suggestion, please write it down in readiness for the 24th September meeting.

With regard to praying about this situation, please pray about the following:

– Kenn will finish well and complete any outstanding items.
– Give thanks for the things, over the past 4 years, which you have found were good and ask God how He want’s that built upon.
– Pray for God’s preparation of the next Leader of CCC.
– Seek God’s will that we be led in the right direction.
– Pray that God will not only open door’s for us, but also close the wrong ones.
– That God will guide us at each point along the way He has for us, step by step.

If you have anything to share, in readiness for the 24th September meeting, please share it with Viv who will coordinate responses.